To me, West Virginia means family.

My grandfather built our home in Hedgesville because he believed in West Virginia’s values and wanted our family to share them. Those values made me the person I am today. My neighbors in Hedgesville taught me how to be genuine, how to work hard and be resilient. They showed me, by example, how to live a life of strong moral character, how to help others, and what it means to serve and to be a patriot. That is what inspired me to go to West Point, to lead soldiers and fight in Iraq, and to help thousands of veterans reintegrate back into their communities through the national veteran’s organization, The Mission Continues.

My wife Natasha and I are raising our daughter Emilia here because we want to pass those same values on to her. We want Emilia to have the same opportunities we had. That’s why I’m running for office. Because I am worried that the promise of West Virginia is in peril.

Every year, more jobs are fleeing our state, and thousands of young people are following them. There is no plan to bring them back and no vision for the future. When I talk to my neighbors, our young people, and other veterans, there is a feeling that West Virginia’s best days are behind us.

I know that is not true, and we have everything we need to succeed right here in our state. We need leaders with real plans to revitalize West Virginia, attract jobs and young families back to our state, and convince West Virginians to believe, as I do, that there is no better place to start a businesses, raise a family, and build a life.

I promise to stand up for West Virginia’s families by:

  • Ensuring every West Virginian has a right to affordable healthcare
  • Promoting policy that supports the best public school education and early childhood education for all children in West Virginia
  • Creating good-paying jobs and building an innovative economy for our state
  • Leading the charge to combat the opioid crisis
  • Bringing new investment to our state for improvements in infrastructure
  • Putting patriotism over partisanship to get things done