Scheinberg Says Alex Mooney’s Vote is “Return on Investment” to Wealthy Donors

(Martinsburg, WV) In the past 24 hours, Congressman Alex Mooney has
voted—twice—to take away healthcare from 13 million Americans, increase the deficit
by $1.46 trillion, and raise taxes on the working and middle class to give tax cuts to
corporations and the super-wealthy.

“Virtually everyone agrees we need tax reform, but the scam Congressman Mooney and
the Republican establishment in Washington passed failed to close any loopholes and
gives even larger tax breaks to corporations who already aren't paying their fair share,”
said Scheinberg. “Instead of growing our economy, the rich get richer, the poor get
poorer and the middle class are left footing the bill.”

“West Virginia needs tax reform that will simplify the tax code for individuals and
businesses, grow jobs and wages, and build a strong economy for all. Alex Mooney and
his party have squandered a rare opportunity to forge a bi-partisan plan to do so,” said
Scheinberg. “This tax plan, which was written by lobbyists and Washington Republicans
behind closed doors, amounts to little more than a return on investment to Mooney’s
wealthy donors.”
“Congressman Mooney has saddled our children’s generation with trillions in debt and
put the lives of West Virginians at risk to score political points. Medicare and Social
Security should never be on the chopping block in exchange for handouts to those
already making millions,” said Scheinberg. “This tax plan exacerbates income inequality
and leaves the people of West Virginia behind. We can do better.”

Aaron Scheinberg