Scheinberg Responds to Government Shutdown: "No Government, No Pay"

(Martinsburg, WV) - Aaron Scheinberg, candidate for Congress in West Virginia's second district, released the following statement regarding the government shutdown:

"Leadership in Washington have made clear over the past 24 hours that our political system is broken. Politicians would rather bicker and blame than step up to the plate to work together and find solutions - we should be embarrassed at the state of our politics. It hurts our nation's turst in our leaders and our standing on the world state. There are no winners here.

As a combat veteran, I know our troops in the field and our veterans at home can't afford this kind of nonsense. I support Senator Manchin's bill to freeze legislator pay during this government shutdown. All West Virginians know that if you don't do your job, you don't get a paycheck. Period. No government, no pay. The people of West Virginia will remember this incompetence in November."

Aaron Scheinberg