Aaron Scheinberg Calls on Alex Mooney to Fight for West Virginia’s Middle Class

Once again, Alex Mooney has sided with big business over the people of West
Virginia by voting for this disastrous tax plan that would raise taxes on the middle
class and balloon our deficit to pay for tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.
Tax cuts need to go to small businesses and the middle class, not into a
billionaire’s bank account.

Mooney’s leaders in Congress sold this plan to the American people as a tax cut
for working people – when in reality it’s nothing more than another gift for the
wealthiest one percent.  

We all agree we need tax reform that grows our economy and levels the playing
field for the middle class, but this “reform” bill just benefits Wall Street, at Main
Street’s expense. It bankrolls big businesses while leaving West Virginia behind.
Instead of more deficit-financed handouts to his donors, Alex Mooney should
lead the way to create jobs, combat our opioid crisis, and make life better for
West Virginian families. It’s clear Alex Mooney is no longer fighting for the people
who elected him, and West Virginians are tired of being pawns in his political

Aaron Scheinberg