Aaron Scheinberg Stands with Mine Workers

(Martinsburg, WV) Seven years ago, after the horrific events at the Upper Big
Branch Mine disaster cost 29 miners their lives, Congress moved to require that
publicly traded coal companies disclose information about miners deaths, safety
violations and penalties at their facilities. The rational for that move was as sound
today as it was then. Shareholders in these companies have a right and a
responsibility to know whether or not these operations are being operated safely
and in accordance with the law. Had shareholders known of Massey Energy’s
frequent safety violations and fines, they could have demanded changes in
company policy and possibly averted this disaster.  

The first lesson we learn in the military is that you take care of your people, and
I’m tired of seeing our elected officials fail to do the same. In sponsoring this
legislation Alex Mooney is taking care of Wall Street - not West Virginia. That’s
why I stand with Cecil Roberts and the United Mine Workers in calling for the
defeat of H.R. 4289.

Aaron Scheinberg