Aaron Scheinberg Calls on Alex Mooney to Oppose GOP Tax Plan That Increases Taxes on Middle-Class Families

(Hedgesville, WV) Second Congressional District candidate Aaron Scheinberg today called on Congressman Alex Monney to oppose any tax plan which cuts taxes for multi-millionaires at the expense of the middle class. 

"We need meaningful tax reform that simplifies and cuts taxes for the middle class and helps families pay their bills, save for college for their kids and meet their needs in case of emergency" said Scheinberg. "The current Republican plan does none of those things. Congressman Mooney needs to make clear to republican leadership in Washington that raising taxes on the middle class in order to finance tax cuts for the super wealthy should be dead on arrival.

"Alex Mooney needs to oppose this dangerous and ill-conceived scheme. The current plan is nothing more than a windfall for wealthy special interests at the expense of working families. Congressman Mooney needs to tell Speaker Ryan that West Virginians expect real tax reform that cuts taxes on the middle class, not on the wealthiest one percent of Americans."

Aaron Scheinberg