I'm running for Congress in West Virginia.


I’m running for the people of West Virginia, because I love this state and have a vision for our future.

I am a first time candidate running for Congress in West Virginia’s second district because we, as a state and a nation, are facing serious challenges that require our best leaders to take action. I decided to run because I’ve seen time and time again — at West Point, in Iraq, and while helping veterans become civic leaders here at home — how powerful our country is when we set aside our differences to listen and work together as problem solvers. 

West Virginia has been home to my family for three generations. I'm raising my daughter in the same house my grandfather, an Army veteran, built because I want her to grow up with the same values I did. West Virginians know what hard work, resilience, and service to country mean; I believe our elected representatives should share and protect these same values.

Our nation is deeply divided, and career politicians lack the courage, will, and vision to take action. We need a fresh generation of civic leaders who can unite us, keep us healthy, and rebuild our economy and infrastructure. Now, more than ever, we need people who put patriotism over politics and purpose over party to step up and lead. It is time to bring service back into public service.